Planning for Possibility

 The Three Key Ways to Plan like a High-Achiever, and go from Overwhelm to Clarity and Confidence with Your Plans, Well-being, and Schedule.

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Don’t miss this free training hosted by Komal Minhas!Based on the Your Best Year Annual Planning Framework

What you will learn...


  • Why high achievers plan in quarters, and how it can help you conquer your year with consistent, achievable goals
  • Why planning in the flow and energy of the year and its seasons is critical to creating flow in your life and work
  • How planning can improve your self-love, well-being, and connection to your higher purpose and calling in life (and more tactically, in the months ahead)

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Attending this training will give you the tools and permission to:

  • Motivated to make the plans you’ve been avoiding, and confident in how you’ll actually achieve them
  • Prepared for years to come, in how to approach the changing seasons in life and work with clarity, and self-compassion
  • In control of your time and energy, and equipped to achieve your work-related goals while giving rest and your well-being equal priority
And you’ll do all this by learning the basics of the Your Best Year quarterly and annual planning framework so you can build an intentional, abundant, healthy, well-rounded and impactful life for yourself.

You’ll need this new training if:


  • You aspire to get ahead of your goals and dreams in work and life as an entrepreneur, 9-to-5er, parent, freelancer, or creative.
  • You know there’s a high achiever in you waiting to learn the right systems and strategies (and have the right community) to level up in life and work
  • You’re skeptical of goal setting and planning because you are worried it will cost you the flexibility of your calendar (spoiler alert: it’ll help you gain time and space!)
  • You’re experiencing a mid-year slump, or the summer scaries when you think about September and everything to come
  • You know you deserve more rest, and you want to learn how to schedule it in consistently

Your training experience by

Hi! I’m Komal. I’m an interviewer, coach + educator, investor and podcast host dedicated to helping you rise through adversity and celebrate your success and impact so you can show up more fully for the life you want and deserve.

Planning changed my life in 2017 when my calendar was suddenly EMPTY. After being diagnosed with a neurological illness, I had to scale back everything. For a high achiever, that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But it was necessary. As I started to rebuild my calendar, the priority was wellness and healing. So I worked with a coach to learn how to plan on my terms, to learn how to dream and goal-set for all seasons of life, and to make sure my wellness was prioritized every step of the way.

I wrote in my journal of dreams at that time that I would one-day teach that same framework to others, to help them reclaim their time and their lives. That’s why I teach this webinar, and my programs today.

Since learning this planning system I have:

  • Interviewed Michelle Obama on her stadium tour in front of 8,000 people
  • Launched and hosted 100+ podcast episodes for two top-rated podcasts (including Lessons Learned)
  • Built a multiple six-figure online education business
  • Coached over 100 high-impact humans
  • Been featured on air, and in various media outlets for my expertise in resilience, planning, and living a high-impact life

Now I want you to learn the same.

You’ll get never-before-shared info!

The three key ways to go from overwhelm to clarity and confidence with your plans and schedule

Included in your webinar experience:

  • A workbook to refer back to your key takeaways about planning, flow, and purpose from the webinar
  • A guided meditation with Komal, rooted in envisioning your goals and dreams for work and wellness
  • A limited time replay (30-days) of the webinar
  • An invitation to continue working with Komal and the Train with Komal community to take your planning, and your confidence to the next level

If you are wondering how planning can help you make impactful changes in your life and reach your goals…

here is what my former students have to say about the Komal effect,

and the power of planning…

Even if you don’t consider yourself a planner,

and you are wondering what this process can do for you, I am confident that this webinar will support you because I have witnessed planning a goal setting change the lives of so many people. Especially when done with self-compassion, awareness, and FUN!

Did you know that…

Goal setting is positively linked with increasing our belief in ourselves, our sense of ownership and control in our lives, and our motivation towards achieving our goals.

[Edwin Locke & Gary P. Latham, 2006].

When you avoid goal setting and planning because you don’t think that you are good at it, it will lead to lower performance and outcomes. If you focus on improving your ability to goal set and plan, it can increase your performance and achievement overall.

[Edwin A.Locke, and Gary P. Latham, 2006].

When you finally write down your goals and put them to paper, you are 33 percent more likely to be successful in achieving them than those who set goals in their mind only.

[Dr. Gail Matthews, 2015]


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