What area of your life needs attention right now?

We have the answer!

Take this 15-question quiz and get your unique results based on the research backed, positive psychology informed framework “The Roots of Resilience”, created and taught by Komal Minhas in The Next Right Step Program (registration opens April 28th).

“The results of this quiz will serve

as a guide for you to
find your way back to your inner truth

and what it is that you need most right now to feel and be well.”

Once you take the quiz,

you’ll receive tactical ways to improve one of the five areas of life listed below:


Learn how to effectively implement habits that make you feel well and supported in your psychological and physical wellness


Learn ways to connect to those around you and build the community of your dreams. Find the community and connection you’ve always been looking for.


Reflect on the role of work (paid and unpaid) and success in your life, and how you can redefine your relationship to work and success to be more sustainable for you.

Your Belief In Yourself

Build the belief that you can and WILL move through difficulty and overcome whatever may come in front of you. Realize that lack of confidence in a certain area of your life is actually just lack of experience and perceived competency, and make a strategic plan to grow in that area of your life while giving yourself grace and patience.

Your Relationship To Your Identity:

Connect to your heritage and culture can really anchor and root you in your resilience and confidence.  Find and connect to your WHY, and enhance the impact you have on your communities.

Once your results are determined,

you will have more clarity, and receive plenty of tools and free resources that will help you get started on improving these aspects of your life TODAY.

And I’m not talking about face masks and bath bombs, we will give you plenty of research-backed resources for the kind of self-care that asks you to dive-in deeper with yourself and allows you to make lasting changes in your everyday life for the long-term.

In 2021, we are living in a new normal.

It’s more important now than ever to check in with ourselves and explore what it is that we need in order to feel supported, grounded, and ready for what’s next.