I have a question for you

When we hear self-care, the first thing that comes to mind for many are things such as face masks, bath bombs, and spa days. While I love to pamper myself and take care of my body, self-care to me, means

providing myself with what my mind and body need to feel nurtured and cared for.

For instance:

Self-care to me means keeping up with my physical and psychological wellness routine that keeps my body moving and my mind clear.

It also means fostering connection to a community of loved ones that I can go to when I need some extra support, and feeling grounded in my identity. It also means establishing boundaries at work, and carving time in my days for enjoyment and play.

that the year of 2020 has brought about large amounts of stress and uncertainty for our society.

In the past few months alone, we have completely adjusted to a ‘new normal’ and a new kind of lifestyle that requires social isolation.

Many of us have now been working from home for several months or have transitioned into a completely different daily routine as a result of our changing landscape.

If you have been feeling out of sorts lately, recognize that this is completely normal given everything that is going on in the world.

As a global community, we are currently going through a collective trauma.

That is why it is

than ever to check in with ourselves and explore what it is that we need in order to feel supported during these times.

This short self-care quiz

is a series of 15 questions that will ask you to say your level of agreement to a statement in order to check-in on the state of your relationship to the following aspects of your life:



Work or Labour

Your Belief In Yourself

Your Identity

Based on your answers,

the quiz will determine which of these areas of your life you could bring more attention and care to in order to feel more supported every day.

Once your results are determined, you will also receive plenty of tools and free resources so that you can get started on improving these aspects of your life TODAY.

And I’m not talking about face masks and bath bombs, we will give you plenty of resources for the kind of self-care that asks you to dive-in deeper with yourself and allows you to make lasting changes in your everyday life.