Want to start imrpoving your well-being and strengthening your resilience but not sure where to start?

My team and I have put together these free resources that you can turn to whenever you’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, or just a little introspective. Whether you’re looking for direction, clarity, or just some fun activities to boost your mood when you’re feeling down, we’ve got you covered. Text


Self-Coaching Guide

In this Self-Coaching Guide, you’ll find a guided meditation, video workshop, journal prompts, and a workbook that you can use to find clarity in what you’re feeling and uncover what needs your attention most in your life and work.


What Area Of Your Life Most Needs Your Attention?

Take this 15-question quiz and get your unique results based on the research backed, positive psychology informed framework “The Roots of Resilience”, created and taught by Komal.


Self-Care Package

This Self-Care Package contains a curated selection of podcast episodes, fillable and printable journaling pages, and playlists to help you ground yourself through hard times.




Through a mix of interviews and personal reflections, Lessons Learned is a space for listeners to chew on life's lessons, big and small, and hear from the people we admire most in the world.

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