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Many of us are feeling anxious and overwhelmed as we navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19. Because we're feeling it too, we wanted to share some of the things we're using to take care of our selves and stay grounded.

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Enjoy this curation of hand-picked content to support your mental and emotional wellness through this time.

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It is okay to feel the heaviness of difficult and uncertain times. We must give ourselves permission to let the hurt in, experience the hard feelings and spend time with them. When we lean into our feelings during hardships, loss, and challenges, we are met with the power to better understand, reflect and move forward with insights and intention.

Writing is an act of processing and understanding. Putting pen to paper allows us to travel through our emotions and work to make sense of them. We enter a space where we can piece together the broken, and look forward to what is ahead. Use these journal prompts to ask yourself what these times are teaching you, what you can learn and how you can discover new possibilities. This is a space for you to recognize how resilient you are and for you to realize your own capacity to rise.

Download and Type or Print and Write.
Feel free to colour in the margins and doodle while you reflect. Make these pages beautifully yours.

We believe it is important to balance the chaos, and uncertainty right now that we are constantly engaging with in the news and online. We wish to replace and balance it with content that connects us all, and cultivates community. We have put together a playlist of past episodes of our show and hope you will tune in to the ones that resonate with you most, and share this playlist with others.


The Power of Consistent Creation

In this time of change, and quiet, and new routine, it can often lead us to really wonderful exploration and new found passion and desires to create, learn or practise new skills, activities, and rituals.

In this episode, Komal recognises the magic that happens when you consistently show up for your passion, your creativity – whatever that might look like for you.


It’s Okay to Get Lost

Some of us might be feeling pretty lost right now, with a total flip of daily routines and daily life.

In this episode, Komal reminds us it’s okay to get lost, to slow down, to make a mess. It is in getting lost that can help us find ourselves again.


Defining Moments of Our Lives

Those of us who live with a chronic illness will navigate this time of uncertainty differently than others. Revisit this conversation about chronic illness and what living with one looks like for Komal, Nitka Chopra, and the community she has cultivated so beautifully through her conference, Chronicon.

In this episode, Komal and Nitika recognises the power of community and creating space for those who live with a chronic illness.


The Power of Rituals

During this time, we are reminded of the power of rituals to support rest, mental health and well being, and to guide us through a time of a slower pace. We are finding comfort in strengthening our rituals at home and creating new ones. ⁠

⁠In this episode, Komal helps us remember the importance of rituals, self care activities and slowing down to connect with ourselves and others.


You Are Not Alone

An important reminder: You Are Not Alone.

This episode is all about showing up for ourselves, and others when we feel lost, out of sorts and leaning on those we love when we need to. This lesson is a great reminder to check-in on others; your grandparents, friends, family, and those in your community who might need some extra support right now.


How to Anchor Through Chaos

In this episode, Komal shares what has helped her anchor and root through the unprecedented reality we are all facing. Through tangible tools, Komal encourages you to dive into the habits and routines that will help you stay well each day.


Grieving the Plans We Had and Choosing Our Next Steps

In this episode, we come together to hold space for the loss, grief and pain that we are all feeling right now. We recognise that certain things have been cancelled, let go, postponed, and it’s important to allow ourselves to let that hurt in. Let’s be in community through it all, so we can look forward to new possibilities together.



When you need a dance party, and are looking to change the vibe in your space. Groove, be well, move your body. Also may help alleviate existential dread.



Best for background music when cooking, puzzling, journaling, working, and chilling! Also may help alleviate existential dread.


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