Our daily routines, how we connect to other people around us, and how “full our cup is, impacts how well we feel and how we show up in the world every day. When we feel well, we feel like we can take on so much more and face adversity with more confidence.

When we feel depleted, we can feel unsupported as a result and self-doubt can begin to show up more often, creating barriers between ourselves and the life we want to lead. That is why taking care of our wellness is so critical, and why it is a crucial aspect of resilience.

If you received wellness and self-efficacy as a result of this quiz, it means that you could benefit from incorporating some new habits and routines into your everyday life that can support you in feeling well in your mind and body.

Ready to get a little personal?

Read these 3 journal prompts to begin to reflect on how you can better support your wellness and belief in yourself.

Check in on your mental state.

Is there anything that you feel is stuck in your mind right now and causing you stress?

How can you release some of this stress?

Is there anyone you can talk to, or an action that you can take to tackle this situation?

Consider your routines.

Do you have a morning routine that helps you feel supported at the beginning of the day when you wake up?

Do you feel as if your days have structure?

Do you have a nighttime routine that helps you feel relaxed and rested before bed?

Consider your belief in yourself.

Do you feel as if you quickly spiral when you encounter obstacles or difficulties in your everyday life?

Do you feel confident and secure taking risks and communicating what you want?

Not sure where to start with improving your wellness and belief in yourself?

These resources below will get you started.

Purchase the Self-Coaching Guide + Workbook ($17 USD) to help you determine your next steps in life and work!

It’s going to get you crystal clear on what you need to support yourself through the chapter ahead.

Check out this curated playlist of podcast episodes I have recorded on the topic of Wellness!

The episodes cover topics such as: how to create routines and rituals that work for you and help you feel supported, how to coach yourself through hard times, and how to building confidence in yourself.

Hint: It's all about going inwards🍃

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Hold up — let me introduce myself...

Hello, 👋 My name is Komal Minhas.

I’m a resilience educator, entrepreneur, investor, and host of the Lessons Learned Podcast. I am someone who has lived a lot of life in a short time.

And I am also someone that has faced hardship in life. Back in 2017, I went through a wellness crisis when I was diagnosed with a rare form of skin cancer. I was also facing burnout at work, and made the decision to pick up my life and career in New York City to move back home to Canada in order to better support myself and my wellness.

I've also had the privilege of interviewing and learning from incredible individuals such as Michelle Obama, Rupi Kaur, Jagmeet Singh, Luvvie Ajayi Jones, and countless others.

Through my lived experience and learning from these powerhouse humans, I have gone through a complete transformation of my wellness rituals and daily routines and began heavily prioritizing them in my life.

I've become passionate about studying resilience and our ability as humans to come back from the hard things in life and within society. I now host a podcast, training sessions, and programs that investigate resilience and help you feel well in your mind and body.

I am also a passionate advocate for ways to increase resilience across our communities and societies, with an emphasis on intersectionality.

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