Lesson 35: Why Celebrating Our Wins is Important

This week’s episode “Celebrating Our Wins” is a reflection of my journey of learning to celebrate myself and the wins of my team in a way that feels good to all of us. To truly commemorate and honour all the work and effort to get where we are and be proud of ourselves for what we accomplished the past few weeks launching “The Next Right Step” Program. 

We’re talking all about celebrating our wins. If you’ve been following along with the show for the past few weeks, you’d know that I just finished the launch of my brand new “The Next Right Step” program. I’ve been spending the past few days taking time to celebrate and process, allowing myself and my team space to celebrate everything that took place in the process of the launch. 

Reflecting on this big milestone reached in my life, I realized the importance of celebrating myself and others in the present. It got me thinking about times in my life when I wished I had celebrated myself more, and that I had allowed myself more time and space to soak it all in. That is why in this episode, I share with you all of my lessons learned about how we can honour ourselves by celebrating our wins and accomplishments, and the steps that you can take to be present and celebrate when you are doing big things in life. 

In this episode, I share about: 

[4:14] - My experience holding back from celebrating my wins and not taking time to revel in them in the past. I share insights on how limiting beliefs can hold us back from shining our light, and can lead us into a cycle of guilt when we want to take up space for our accomplishments.

[7:50]  - I reflect on important events that happened in my life (Such as my wedding and my interview with Michelle Obama) that I wish I could have celebrated better. I share my lessons learned from some of the biggest times in my life, and remind you that the joy and pleasure that celebration brings is actually revolutionary and radical for our own self-care.

[9:45] - I share the importance of acknowledging the good and the bad in our journeys to accomplishing the big things we are proud of, and how it can help us to create space to celebrate in a meaningful and authentic way. 

[14:15] - I share how celebration doesn’t just happen after something is accomplished or finished. It can actually be built into the full process of the experience you are having. 

[21:09] - How my past experiences celebrating big times in my life have allowed me to bring forth many learnings into the launch of “The Next Right Step” Program. I also share the steps I took during the launch of her program to be able to remain present and grounded in integrity throughout the entire process. 

[24:32] - I share my lessons learned throughout the launch of this program, and tangible steps that you can celebrate the things you are proud of in life such as: journaling, making a list the steps you took to accomplish your goals, and spending time celebrating with loved ones. 

[36:40] - I share my most important lesson: the importance of cultivating, accepting and learning that you are worthy of being celebrated. That the things that you have accomplished and all the things you did to get you there are worthy of celebration. 

I hope you take some time to celebrate yourself this week. You deserve it!

“We must learn to take up space, to share our wins, to learn to talk about the details, the money. To hold back is not only detrimental to you, but people that could be inspired by you. Imagine all the people you could inspire just by celebrating how far you’ve come. People want to see other people win, people want to be inspired by the people around them. Give them the opportunity. You are worthy of celebration.”