Lessons Revisited: Lessons From Our Mothers + An Update From Komal

Hello beautiful humans,

I took a hiatus for ten days to rest and process after losing our uncle to his battle with lung cancer. 

Grief during this time is complicated. Whether it is unpacking our grief around the loss of our friends, loved ones, or others, or the loss of parts of ourselves and our lives, our grief deserves our care and attention. That’s what I gave myself space for these last ten days. Just as I give our team bereavement days and time, I realized I needed to extend that same compassion to myself.

What was impactful for me during this time was having tools to fall back on at my most vulnerable. My community, creativity, relationship to my identity and roots, and mental health supports (shout out to my therapist) helped me feel the depths of my pain, and find ways to pick myself up again, slowly but surely.

I was reminded why I do what I do, and that the Roots of Resilience and the principles we teach in The Next Right Step will always be applicable in the worst and best times of life.

I’m excited to share more about that in the coming weeks (alongside some free resources and workshops with me) as we head towards our program launch for this summer.

In the meantime, today we’ve released a short solo episode with me where I share more about this last two weeks and the process of lifting myself back up, alongside a Lessons Revisited episode from Mother’s Day last year.

Today may be a beautiful day for some, and a hard day for others. I invite you to take the space and time to mother yourselves today. Do something that feels so good in your body and soul, and be with yourself for some time as your life permits.


Until next time,

  • Komal