Lesson 44: How To Listen To Your Inner Voice and Align Your Life with Leah Brathwaite


Does self-doubt creep up on you when you are about to do a hard thing? You might be on the cusp of something great. In this last episode from my IGTV Series #LessonsInResilience that we share with you this week, I interview Leah Brathwaithe, my former Coach, who is also a Soul Advisor, Best-Selling Author and Creator of the “Live Free Lifestyle” program. We talk about how to navigate self-doubt, step into your purpose, and support yourself with a morning routine.

In this episode, we also talk about some of the self-doubt triggers that you might be encountering, and how you can support yourself to work through it, and step into your purpose. When we are working on our passion projects and doing the things that we so badly want to out out into the world, we are often triggered by thoughts of self-doubt such as:  “I’ve poured so much of myself into this, will anybody care?” or “Who Am I To Do This?

If this sounds familiar to you at all, then make sure to tune into this episode. We share some helpful tools so you can begin listening to your inner voice, and we talk about how prioritizing your wellness will allow you to begin aligning your life with what you truly want. Here’s some of the other things you can look forward to in this episode: 

[9:50] Leah tells us that often, much of the self-doubt that we experience comes from the stories of worthiness that we carry with us from childhood.

[11:52] We talk about why It’s important for you to get grounded at the beginning of your day, and prevent the habit of the ‘roll and scroll’.

“You start making decisions that are better for you instead of out of expectation for others.” 

[19:34] It’s easy for driven people to lose balance between the work hard and play hard lifestyle. We talk about ways that you can bring ‘play’ and pleasure back into your life. 

[22:31] We discuss how prioritizing feeling good in the process of doing something big or hard in your life can allow you to enjoy the journey instead of just waiting for the outcome. 

“It’s you in your essence, and not you in your performance that you have to offer the world.”

[26:00] We discuss how we are seeing an ‘uprising of truth’ in 2020, and how sometimes in the wellness space, we can get so embedded in the individual's responsibility to heal and grow, and there's a huge aspect of that in how we move in the world.

[30: 27] Leah’s Story and How She Stepped Into Her True Self and Aligned Her Life 

[36:00] Leah shares advice with us on what the first step is that you can take to begin aligning your life with what you truly want. 

[39:00]  Leah tells us more about the “Live Free Lifestyle” and how you can support her work. 

“There is a new way of looking at the world, from a perspective of energetic alignment and frequency and a universe that is full of possibility. With each step that you take that is most in alignment with what feels good to you, another door will open and will lead you to more things. It does not mean it's going to be easy. It’s okay to allow yourself to make mistakes, and trust yourself to come through the other side. Oftentimes, we look to external people to tell us what to do, but at the end of the day, we have all the answers within ourselves.” - Leah Brathwaite, Episode 44 

To purchase Leah’s book visit: https://www.amazon.ca/New-Way-Life-Transformation-Freeing-ebook/dp/B07L51VMHN#:~:text=A%20New%20Way%20of%20Life,%3A%20Amazon.ca%3A%20Kindle%20Store 

To find out more about Leah’s story and the Live Free Lifestyle visit: www.leahbrathwaite.com