Lesson 40: Conversation with Taran and Bunny, founders of Blume

Hello everyone! This week, I’m extremely excited to share with you yet another impactful conversation from my #LessonsInResilience series. In this week’s episode, I share with you a conversation that I had with my dear friends Taran and Bunny the founders of Blume, a company that provides organic period-friendly products for womxn about what it means to build a company rooted in self-care and education. In this episode you can look forward to hearing… 

4:00 - Taran and Bunny share the origin of their company Blume, and how Bunny’s experience being diagnosed with PCOS influenced what the company eventually became rooted in: self-care and prioritizing our health and well-being

  • Thadan and Bunny also share how their self care practices have evolved as they have built a company that is rooted around self-care, and the role that they have taken on to educate their community about where the language of self care comes from 

11:10 - Taran and Bunny share with us how they have built a community around themselves as Women of Colour business owners, and the role that community has played in building Blume 

  • “It takes a village.” Taran and bunny explain how community is everything to building a business, and how connecting with other business owners as you build your business can be incredibly helpful for you 

  • Taran and Bunny share their advice for those looking to build a business and a community, such as asking for help when you need it and having a clear ask, as well as looking at every business relationship you have as something to be maintained over the long-term

16:08 - I ask Taran and Bunny to share about their experience raising 3.3 million dollars for Blume which is an incredibly novel achievement for WOC led businesses, and I ask their advice for those facing hard times starting their businesses or looking for funding during this pandemic:

  • Taran and Bunny share how at a time like this, it’s important to remember that there are still amazing companies that were built during recessions, and that it is possible for you.  
  • Taran and Bunny also share how when it comes to fundraising for your business, it all goes back to relationships, and that we can lean on community and connection with others in order to continue to build what we want to see in the world

  • Taran and Bunny share what their experience has been like facing this hard pandemic season, and how they have stayed grounded and come through the ups and downs. They also share about the impact that being a mission oriented company has had in helping them to stay motivated so that they know that what they are doing is because of their ‘WHY’, and not about speed.

21:44 - Taran and Bunny share what Blume’s WHY is: supporting a girl through the changes of puberty and allowing her to grow into herself instead of being told by society or the media that she should be somebody else. 

  • I also ask Taran and Bunny to share their advice for people that feel uninspired right now or as if they are in a rut: “Imagine 10 years from now where you don’t want to be, what are the things that you didn’t do that you would regret?” 
  • They also share their favourite parts about running Blume as sisters and executives of the company together, and how they have been able to create impact throughout the years by owning their creativity and rooting into their purpose

30:00 - Finally, Taran and Bunny share what is up next for Blume and what they are excited to be bringing into the world. 

Blume’s WHY is to support girls through the changes of puberty and allowing them to grow into themselves instead of being told by society or the media that they should be somebody else. - Taran and Bunny, Episode 40 of the Lessons Learned Podcast

I hope that this conversation gives you the confidence and inspiration to see that whatever it is that you have been dreaming about lately is possible for you, and that you can take that first big leap. Stay tuned over at @lessonslearned.co over the next few weeks as we continue to share these amazing conversations from #LessonsInResilience with you. Until next time!


Love, Komal