Lesson 37: Building The Communities We Need


Hello Beautiful People! As I take a  break from recording while I focus wholeheartedly on teaching my first cohort of The Next Right Step, this week I share with you an incredibly meaningful conversation that I had with my close friend, Sahaj Kohly aka @BrownGirl Therapy. In “Episode 37: Building The Communities We Need”, Sahaj and I discuss what it was that caused her to plant the seed to build her online community ‘Brown Girl Therapy’, and what she has learned over the past few years by existing in the mental health space. 

Sahaj and I also discuss: 

-   3:55 - How we became friends through an Instagram DM, and how it led to us working together and creating a dinner series for women to connect with one another.  Sahaj explains how reaching out to people she admires online has worked in her favour and has allowed her to make new friends. 


-   6:03 – Sahaj shares what it feels like  for @BrownGirlTherapyto have crossed the 100k mark at only 13 months old. Sahaj shares what the inspiration was for her to bring BrownGirlTherapy into the world, a space where Brown women could discuss mental health.  


-   11:14– Sahaj shares what she has learned in the process of being truthful about her experience, and why she thinks that representation is important. She also shares how she now looks at her platform as a tool for the change she wants to see, and how she recognizes the responsibility holds within the community.


-   18:03 – I ask Sahaj what creating @BrownGirlTherapy has taught her about community building on social media, and how she has learned to set boundaries. Sahaj also shares how being in the mental health space has encouraged her to root in integrity, and what advice she has for those who are considering therapy to find a culturally competent therapist.


-   32: 26 – Sahaj talks about what it has been like this summer having a busy schedule, working full time and setting out to accomplish big goals. She explains how she has been caring for herself in the process by reaching out to her friends and making a conscious effort to stay in touch with loved ones.


-   38:13  – Sahaj and I discuss how it can be hard for people of colour to feel like it’s hard to take up space in the mental health field, and why it is a sustainable practice for Sahaj to embrace her role in the mental health field as someone who puts in the work to create a platform to help her community. 


-   42:46 – Sahaj shares what is ahead for Brown Girl Therapy such as: themed conversation clubs, a space to talk about topics that aren’t talked about anywhere else, new workshops, and bringing the Brown Girl Therapy community offline.

If you have been craving connection, and to thrive by connecting with others that can relate to your lived experiences, I hope that this episode inspires you to seek out your community, or plant the seed to build the community that you need. Because when we connect with others who share in our identity, we become more of ourselves. Until next week!