Lesson 36: Protecting Your Energy with Boundaries

Hello Beautiful People! I hope that you are having an amazing Sunday. 

This week, I taught the first module for my online masterclass: “The Next Right Step” on Wellness. We had the privilege of having Minaa B, an NYC based licensed therapist, author, speaker, writer, and wellness consultant join us for the interview portion of the night, and I am so proud of how the night went. We learned about physical and mental wellness in a community space, and had incredible conversations about what it means to be well.  

On top of that, I have been staying busy and have been trying to reminisce about the incredible conversations I had for my #LessonsInResilience IGTV series. This week in the midst of all the excitement about a big accomplishment that I just had in my life, I couldn’t help but think about the conversation with Vivian Kaye from a few weeks ago. We spoke about what it means to own our successes as women,  and protecting our energy so that we can keep showing up as our best selves. 

That is why I wanted to share this incredible conversation with you. As women, we deserve to soak in our accomplishments and successes. And we deserve to have our boundaries respected. In this week’s Lessons Learned Podcast Episode, join Vivian and I for a candid conversation about boundaries, protecting your energy and embodying your full confidence. 

Vivian Kaye is a mother, entrepreneur, and shopify expert. She founded her textured hair business KinkyCurlyYaki as a single mom years ago, and has since grown it into a six figure business.  In this week’s episode, we share with you: 


  • 9:15 - What life has been like for Vivian the past few months at home. Vivian shares what her experience has been running her business full time as a single mother in quarantine. Vivian shares how setting boundaries at home has helped her show up best both at home and at work.  


  • 12:00 - Vivian shares advice on why you need to be strict and unapologetic with your boundaries, and the ways that our energy can be drained when we don’t respect them. 


  • 16:10 - Vivian and I discuss what Vivian’s journey has been like for the past few years as an entrepreneur and as a mother, and how she has learned to embody confidence, radiate positive energy, and keep fighting to overcome the obstacles she faces. 


  • 21:27 - Vivian and I have an open conversation about one of the hardest times in her life, and how she was able to get through it by practicing consistency,  putting herself first and becoming intentional about her energy output. 


  • 23:45 - Vivian shares why she thinks it's so important for women to follow their intuition and fight to have their boundaries and needs respected. Vivian shares what her experience was like for her during a time when others would cross her boundaries, and how it can affect someone long-term. 


  • 33:24 - Vivian and I discuss how she was able to put in work for her business during one of the hardest times in her life through consistency and small everyday steps towards her goals. 


  • 37:46 – Vivian discusses how she had to make a pivot in her business during quarantine, and how she was able to do so effectively. Vivian shares advice for those who are looking to invest in online learning and shares nuggets of wisdom for you to choose between all of the online learning options that are available at the moment. 


  • 45:41 -  Vivian shares what her self-care routine has been like in quarantine, and what is bringing her joy these days at home. Finally, Vivian and I share final words of advice for you to protect your energy. 

I hope that you have an amazing week and that this conversation inspires you to fully embody your most authentic and radiant self. 

“I just want to remind people that you have to think of boundaries as self-love. Your boundaries are for your own well-being, and you need to put them up.” - Vivian Kaye

And I also hope that Vivian and I’s conversation is able to inspire you to establish some well-deserved boundaries to protect your precious energy. Because when we take care of ourselves and fill our cups, that is when we can give the most to others. Have an amazing week!