This week I was having a hard time sitting down and recording this episode. If I’m being honest, I was feeling a little nervous about recording. I knew that this week’s episode topic would be about burnout and knew that it was an important topic to talk about. However, I wasn’t sure what was going to come out when I pressed record.

See, since 2017, I haven’t spoken about my experience with burnout at length. When I was getting ready to record at home, Mitch could sense that I needed some support to get the ball rolling, so he joined me once again, and we had a very meaningful conversation about our own experiences with burnout and the lessons we have learned.

As you know by now, last week I launched my first-ever Masterclass: The Next Right Step, I was so excited and full of joy to finally bring this project into the world. But in the midst of all the planning and launch hype, it was difficult to take a moment to take it all in and grasp how far I have come. Talking about burnout, its symptoms, causes and dangers this week in the episode with Mitch brought back so many memories, and I was able to  realize just how much I have changed and grown since I experienced burnout back in 2017.

In this episode, Mitch and I discussed the habits, systems and supports that have allowed me to continue to do my work passionately while being able to remain well at the same time.  I’ve been on the other end of the spectrum where I have prioritized work over my well-being, and it can be a very isolating experience. At times like this, when many individuals are working from home, Mitch and I realized that the work/life separation is more blurred than ever right now, and it’s important for us to be aware of burnout and set in place boundaries to create a work/life separation.

That is why it’s extremely important for us to educate ourselves about burnout. In this week’s episode, I share with you some advice and tips such as:

  • [5:41] Why it’s important to work sustainably/the idea of working sustainably
  • [8:25] Why the work/life separation is very blurred right now for those working at home, and the need to establish boundaries.
  • [21:36] The Burnout Warning Signs and what to do once we become aware that we are headed for burnout, and how our loved ones can flag it for us  
  • [28:24] How Burnout can come from being emotionally manipulated and gaslit in the workplace as a woman of color, and for women as well in male dominated workplaces.
  • [33:30] Steps that Komal has taken to “fill her cup” and simultaneously prevent burnout such as starting a gratitude journal, listening to guided meditations on youtube and starting a personalized morning routine
  • [42:00] When burnout is most likely, what the symptoms are, and it’s possible consequences
  • [52:00] Why it’s important for entrepreneurs and business owners to become educated on burnout not just for themselves, but to learn to support those working alongside them and build a healthy work environment

My hope is that this episode will give you the encouragement and validation that you so much need and deserve to establish the boundaries (either at work or at home) that you need in order to care for yourself. I promise you, your well-being depends on it. We’ve also prepared some journal prompts for you to work through in some time alone so you can reflect and become aware if burnout is on the horizon for you.

As Sarah Nicole Landy aka @thebirdspapaya said during our meaningful conversation about burnout and boundaries in our IG Live this week: Boundaries can be seen as walls, but they’re actually bridges. They help us connect to others.”

Now go forth and set some boundaries!