Have you ever had self-doubt rear its head when you’re at the cusp of doing something new, or as you’re about to bring something big into the world?

Yah, me too!

Last week, self-doubt came up full force and I had to take some time to recalibrate and tune into what I really needed. In the process, I realized that my tendency for overwork had kicked in. I had let my daily self-care routines fall to the wayside because as we ramped up our workload as a team, my older somewhat stronger habits of working longer and harder than I needed to kicked in. I kept telling myself what I was doing wasn’t enough, so I kept making myself work.

You see, I am in launch mode for my first ever program, The Next Right Step, a five-week Masterclass program starting July 29th that will be available for sale on Friday in which high impact humans like you will learn how to continue the important work you’re doing in the world while taking care of yourself, building stronger community, and improving your resiliency.  It’s unlike anything I have ever done, and it is extremely meaningful to me. Last week when I was preparing the program and gearing up for the week when we finally launch sales, self doubt reared its head.

In the midst of meetings and planning, I started feeling doubtful of whether I was doing enough as I built this masterclass, and if my team and I were on the right track. It wasn’t until I took some much needed rest over the weekend, re-established my self-care systems to tune in with myself, and talked it through with Mitch that I realized that self-doubt was showing up for me while preparing this masterclass because I am in the midst of building something highly impactful that is going to be important in my story.

I had to work through my overwhelm in a healthy way and lean on my own resiliency to realize I can be healthy, and successful as I launch this program and meaningfully impact our participants' lives.

Join me in this week’s episode for a candid "coaching" session I had with Mitch on our anniversary week where we talk about the lessons we have learned in our lives when it comes to self doubt such as:

  •  How self- doubt can show up when we are on the cusp of a major achievement or change that will cause change and growth in our lives

  • Sometimes self-doubt can hide under the veil of procrastination, and we procrastinate to avoid doing something we believe will be difficult for us and cause change.

  • Self-doubt can be an indicator that something in our lives needs to be organized or re-aligned.

  •  It’s very important to learn to distinguish between fear and intuition, as self-doubt can sometimes be a sign that we are not doing the right thing that is meant for us.

  • In my personal experience, I have felt self doubt as a woman of color existing in a male dominated, predominantly white space. Self-doubt can show up when we are existing in spaces that weren’t built for us, and it’s not our fault. It’s important to name that, and recognize it.

We have all felt self-doubt show up in our lives. It’s normal, and it can sometimes be a great teacher. The importance lies in how we choose to manage it. In this week’s episode, I share the five steps you can take to manage your self-doubt when it rears its head. Listen to this week’s episode where I teach you how you can manage, better understand, and work through your-self doubt.

And if you don’t want to spend your time listening to the podcast scribbling notes, you’re in luck! My team created a PDF of five steps you can take to manage self doubt that is available for download right here!

Additionally, stay tuned in my personal account this week @komalminhas to hear more about how Mitch and I coach each other through self-doubt, and be sure to tune into my Instagram live chat with Leah Brathwaithe today (Thursday) at 12:00 pm EST.

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"A critical moment came when I remembered that my self care is non-negotiable. That the things I do every single day to stay well are there for a reason. That I have set these strong boundaries with work because it is the only way I’m going to be able to do this work over the long term."

– Komal Minhas, Episode 32 of Lessons Learned Podcast

Until next week,