This last month was one of the most important we’ve collectively experienced. Having the reality of anti-Black and Indigenous racism come to the forefront following George Floyd’s murder woke so many of us up to the pressing need for increased and consistent education and action to accelerate the dismantling and subsequent rebuilding (and building) of anti-racist communities, organizations, and countries.

This is long and consistent work. Here are some resources, a list of educators, articles, organizations to donate to (monthly recurring donations are a powerful support for non-profits and charities), and more.

As we continue recording the show, and building out our next phase of work, know that our team is deeply reflecting on our own values and actions and are being deliberate in ensuring we build a company that is anti-racist and continues to be inclusive (while understanding the impossibility of truly being either within a capitalistic framework). Within the system within which we exist, we are working to ensure these principles are considered in everything we create and build.

Know that you can keep us accountable. As we continue to share episodes of the show, and as we continue to create products that help build our collective resilience, we know we will misstep along the way. Know that your feedback will be listened to and integrated. Our priority is inclusion and ensuring this is a company that elevates intersectional voices and experiences. We hope you will help stay accountable in doing so.

In this week’s episode we are sharing a conversation I had with Jam Gamble, public speaking coach and overall incredible human at the Gem Conference about how to use your voice effectively to advance anti-racism work and dialogues. It’s a powerful conversation you don’t want to miss (starting at 15:20).

I also share what our team has been doing to reflect and advance our own anti-racism work as a team and company and what’s ahead as we roll out our resilience masterclass later this month.

Here’s one of our favourite quotes from Jam in the episode:

"That is what community is. When we talk about women supporting and empowering women, this is what it looks like. Amplifying voices that are not yours. Amplifying stories that you have not lived, but deserve to be shared. It’s not just about saying #girlpower. It’s also amplifying those voices and clapping and saying: I see you, I hear you. I appreciate you. And that gives someone the courage to just press on in ways they never knew they could."

This week’s journal prompts will help you do a deeper dive into your own plans for integrating anti-racism work into your everyday life. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to download them.

Finally, we are so excited to share that on July 29th our five-week resilience masterclass series, The Next Right Step, will be going live!

For the next month I am going to be sharing more about the Roots of Resilience framework that participants of the program will be diving into to create a holistic life blueprint. The program includes weekly workbooks and live training (with interviews with industry experts) on the parts of your life that will help you build resilience and confidence in how you show up each day.

It’s the program I wish I had when I was recovering from cancer, or from being fired from my job, or one I wish I could take as we come out of this pandemic. So I decided to build it and offer it to all of you so we can rise together. It’s a collection of what I’ve learned facing adversity in my own life, what I’ve learned from interviewing almost 100 people in the last decade, alongside my learnings from diving into resilience research this last year.

You can join the waitlist and find out more about the program here.

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For those interested in the program, stay tuned, and make sure to sign-up for the waitlist to be the first to know when sales go live in a few weeks and to receive more insights from me.

I have been waiting a long time to bring this program to life and it feels like a powerful time to do so.

Stay tuned for more,