Lesson 29: Lessons From Our Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day, beautiful humans! This is a big week! 

TLDR: We are back from our first pod break; we launched our Lessons Learned Co. Store with a limited edition ‘We Can Do Hard Things’ collection with shirts, a mug, prints, and more; and we are celebrating mothering this week on the show in honour of all the incredible ‘mothers’ in our lives (and dropped a new playlist and prompts for you)! Read on for the deep dive... 


What is our pod break? It’s a once a month pause to let our team take a breath and to allow all of you the space and time to dive into missed episodes, worksheets and lessons that you might not have had time for.

I just scheduled our monthly pod breaks into our calendar for the year (the last Sunday of each month), and it felt like such an act of self-care and self-love to do so. We are proud to create this space mindfully, and know in order to do so we need to be well taken care of. We appreciate your support and love in doing so!

In honour of those who mother...

What are the lessons you’ve learned from your mother? From her absence, her presence, her abandonment, her love? What did you learn from the ones that mothered you? Those who showed up for you in moments when you needed direction, guidance, love, or someone to call you out on your shit?

What have you learned from mothering? (Reflect on these questions and how to mother yourself in this week’s journal prompts)

On this week’s episode, I am bringing you into my relationship with two important women in my life, my mother (Ma), and my maternal grandmother (Nani Ma). I asked and recorded them sharing about the lessons their mothers taught them. It was the first time I’d ever heard my grandmother speak about her own mom, Ama. It was so beautiful and so funny.

I also share so many of the stories you all submitted about your lessons learned from the mothers in your life. Your wisdom is so powerful -- thank you for sharing your words and stories with me.

One of my favourite moments in the show was when I came upon this realization:

The lessons we've learned from our mothers, we don't really learn them until we live them. They only become cemented or concretized in our bodies and our experiences once we face those specific hardships in our adult lives and get that clarity and understanding of why our mothers were the way they were. Why they taught us what they did and why those lessons were so important to them.”

I have found that as I’ve gotten older, I’ve only now come to understand so many of the lessons those that love me and have mothered me tried to teach me. This was an important realization for me as it further humanized those people, and in some cases, has allowed us to come closer at this point in my life.

This week’s resources:

  • Journal Prompts complimenting this week’s episode, use these to dive deeper into how you can better mother and care for yourself, and honour the ‘mothers’ in your life

  • NEW PLAYLIST for you for this beautiful Mother’s Day

  • The Thread from our last episode on coaching yourself (save it for hard days)

  • Our Favourite Things from around the Internet featured in our Newsletter

  • And...

In honour of Mother’s Day, we launched a limited collection of merchandise on the Lessons Learned Co. Store! It’s our first ever run of products and we are so happy and proud to be sharing them with you today.

Part of our company mission is to build resilience in others through all aspects of the business. With this in mind, a portion of all proceeds from the shop and our future programs will be reinvested into resilience-building charities, organizations and initiatives. We will share stories of the organizations we work with throughout the year. Watch this space for more.

That’s all for this week, folks! We are so proud to create the content and products that we do, and can’t wait to share more of what we’ve been working on in the coming weeks.

For now, we’d love if you’d share our shop with those you think might love the collection, or purchase something for someone you love – We Can Do Hard Things, don’t forget it! Tell me what you think about this week’s episode by sending us an email or sending us a D/M on Instagram.

We appreciate you all so much, enjoy your Sunday, and remember to breathe.