Happy Sunday! I hope your morning allowed for a moment of calm before the wild began. If today is a quiet day for you, I hope you took your time and woke up slow. I hope you took a moment to nurture yourself, or your partner, or your puppy. I hope you had a moment of peace.

If your mind has been frantic this morning, take some moments now. Breathe in deeply. Inhale for four counts, hold for four, and exhale for six counts and hold for two. Inhale, deeply, once more. Now exhale with a sigh.

Be where your feet are.

I hope that today, I let myself leave my phone plugged in, in my office. I hope I resist the urge to scroll. I hope I let myself disconnect for the waking hours of this day. I hope I lean into lightness today. I hope I listen to the things I want and need most.

Over the last few years I’ve realized something about how I make important decisions in my life – I would often seek the counsel of others and trust their insights more than I would trust myself and my own knowledge and instincts. I would neglect my own knowing.

I’ve been working to change that over the last eight months. Late last week, I found myself in a moment of overwhelm, and it happened to be just as I was about to sit down to record the show. So, I decided to walk you through a self-coaching session I sometimes do with myself.

This week’s episode is a look into how you can walk yourself through hard days. Questions you can ask yourself as you workshop different parts of your life, and work to find clarity in what you’re feeling, and what YOU want and need to do next.

Sometimes, we need the counsel of our friends, or our therapist as we navigate the pieces of our lives that feel too big to bear. Other times, we need the right questions to ask ourselves to uncover what needs your attention most.

Fortunately, we turned the questions I share in the show into this week’s Journal Prompts. This is a worksheet you can always come back to when you feel overwhelmed, or as though you need some guidance in regrouping. Give the episode a listen, then dive into the questions for yourself and see what comes through for you.

Trust yourself.

Alongside our prompts this week:

  • We have music for you to be surrounded by (Chill or Upbeat)

  • Our Self-Care Package that we launched last week (with a compilation of previous episodes, and journal prompts specific to the COVID era with space to draw and colour in the pages while you reflect)!

  • Last week’s thread about How to Set Boundaries when others think you’re ‘available’ at all times, and a fun Quote Graphic for you to share

  • A compilation of Our Favourite Things from around the internet featured in our newsletter.

Can I be totally honest? I have stayed up writing well into the early morning hours three times this last week, and I love it so much. This space is energizing me, and your enthusiasm for your own growth, grit, and resilience right now is so powerful. We are walking through this very hard time together, hand in hand (fortunately, not actually), and with some hope we will come out reasonably well together on the other side.

Jokes aside, thank you all for your time, and for your investment in yourselves. We need a more emotionally competent society and the more we focus on our personal healing and growth, the more resilient we will become as a whole.

As always, if any part of the newsletter, or the show, or the prompts, or the threads resonate for you, please spread the love and knowledge! This is the greatest gift you could possibly give me – spreading our work with those who it can help uplift further.

Until next week,