I am loving our Sundays together ♡

Last week your engagement was incredible! We put a lot of time and care into creating our weekly episode, this newsletter, the journal prompts, Spotify playliststhreads, our favourite things (in the section below) and more, and to feel so seen in that work this last week has been so validating for our team!

THANK YOU! For being the most incredible family we could ask for. I find my hope and motivation through your words and affirmations. I promise, on behalf of our team, to keep making content that allows you to reflect and grow with us.

Here’s a gift for you for being amazing: we’ve compiled a self-care package filled with past episodes, prompts, music and more for you to dive into as you need. We’ll update it weekly so keep checking back for more.

This week, I really didn't expect my self-sabotage to help me feel joy more deeply, but it did! On the show, I share about how our Lessons Learned team started moving forward with early plans and strategies for our digital programs and training (coming so soon!), and once we did, I landed right in my feels, and felt like garbage for a night.

The grief I felt that night allowed my inner self-saboteur to rear her head and allowed me to face and reconcile some hard things. The outcome? Better understanding boundaries, and feeling fully present in my joy when it returned. I have a deep gratitude to my inner self-saboteur for guiding me to what thoughts and emotions required my attention.

Dive into the latest episode of the show to learn about showing up fully when self-sabotage comes for a visit. Don’t forget to download this week’s journal prompts about navigating your own self-sabotage when it strikes. Need some chill vibes to play in the background while you do? We’ve got you.

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Until next week,