Welcome to our new release day! 

Sundays are sacred for me. It’s my day each week that I take time to be in nature, to spend with Mitch, to prep for the week ahead, and to dive further into myself. We’re excited to experiment and see how this new release day lands for all of you. Reply back to let me know what you think of our new release day!

The Lessons Learned team and I have been working on ways to create even more impactful content and resources for you to thrive during this time of uncertainty. What we’ve added this week:

  • Downloadable journal prompts inspired by our weekly episodes, designed with your peace and joy in mind.

  • Threads on Instagram of digestible teaching to enable you to tap further into your own resilience and being.

  • A content care package of our favourite things from around the web shared in a new section of the newsletter.

  • Two new playlists for you to dance or chill to on Spotify.

  • An opportunity for you to share the lessons you’ve learned in life with us each week so we can feature them on Instagram and in the show (keep an eye out on IG for your time to submit).

We make these with your growth in mind. I hope these tools and resources enable you to further uncover what you’re capable of, create space for healing, and further open you up to what you dream to unleash in the world.

This week on the show, I share about my own childhood experience growing up in an alcoholic household and how hope can be a powerful force for those who might be in scary or uncertain homes. I share about the power of routine and schedule in bringing me hope in my days right now, and in allowing me to safely hold space for my grief as it ebbs and flows during this time. I also share about the power of learning new things right now, and how I ended up going viral on TikTok!

Here’s to continuing to do our best and flowing through crazy times. Again, make sure to dive into this week’s journal prompts, and if this episode and message resonates for you, share on the platform of your choice with the social graphics, or by forwarding this episode to a friend. 

Next week we are going to share a special self-care package that our team has been working on, stay tuned for more!

Until next week,