Today officially marks our fourth week in quarantine.

THIS IS SO WILD! The last two weeks I’ve focused on resetting my life, my business and my brain. No North America tour, no interviews, planning our digital strategy and products, transitioning our team, resetting our financial plans personally and for the company, the list goes on… as it does for all of us.

As the dust settled, I realized I didn’t do something important. I didn’t grieve my lost plans. I learned during my recoveries, and various illnesses that comparing grief and pain is one of the most unfair things we can do to ourselves (I also hear Brene Brown talked about comparative suffering on her show this week). You can’t help what hurts. You can’t help that you were so excited for the trip you may have planned for this period, or for the new job you may have started last week, or the launch in your business that was about to happen. You can’t help that it hurts… so let it hurt. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to grieve what you’ve lost as we all collective grieve right now. Don’t delay this process. Don’t let it compound and become more than it needs to become.

Feel it now.

That’s what I let myself do. That is what allowed me to sit back down and record a new episode and move through my own discomfort of not knowing how to show up right now.

A huge part of being resilient is allowing the hard to happen. To walk through it, to pay attention to it, to let it suck. To allow whatever comes up to come up, and then to take the right next steps forward in the ways you can.

On this week’s episode I dive into what grieving my lost plans has been like, and what finding my footing again has been like. I also share some questions and prompts to help you sort through your mind right now, and to help you make sense of what might be next for you.

Tune in here!

Truly, what would be so helpful for me during this time are your words. If you’ve found inspiration, solace, joy, or connection through this show, I’d love for you to leave us a review here on iTunes.

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Until next week, my loves,