What a wild time. We took the last two weeks to pivot, recalibrate, and get clear with next steps for Lessons Learned, and we are here focused to serve you.

I’m going to keep today’s note short and sweet. We have two episodes for you this week, I’d suggest starting with Episode 24: How to Anchor Through Chaos. In it, I share the anchors that have brought me a semblance of normalcy in the last week. Our family has been in social isolation for seven days. I made the call early last week to postpone the Lessons Learned Spring tour, and now we need to pivot our internal work to R&D. In the midst of all of that has been finding ways to get groceries when we can’t be in the world, caring for and staying connected to our family across the country, and being well ourselves.

What has anchored me most right now have been my daily habits and routines. My meditation and mindfulness practice, and not using my phone until 11 am onwards. I need to take care of myself and my brain before I let the world in. Another anchor has been going live everyday at 8:30 pm EST on Instagram with all of you. We share, root, unwind from our days and find inspiration together. Thank you all for tuning in, and diving deep with me as we navigate these unprecedented times.

The second episode we are sharing this week is Episode 23, my virtual keynote about uncovering a purpose driven life and career. We wanted to make up for our time away, and give you some tangible, uplifting content to take in during these trying times.

I love you all so much. We are doing our best to bring some light to your days and weeks while we all navigate the tough shit. This is my reminder to each of you that we can find and choose to do one thing each day that grounds us, and protects us. In doing so we are going to be able to better show up for the world around us.

If you think someone in your life needs so light, please share this newsletter or episodes with them.

Sending you all my love. Until next week,