Coming to you from sunny Los Angeles! This week I had the privilege of seeing a massive dream of two of my closest friends come to life.

For the last two years, Rupi Kaur and Rakhi Mutta (and their team) have been working towards creating the first ever poetry special for a streaming platform (think the comedy specials you’ve seen rolling out the last few years, but for poetry). All that dreaming, negotiating, and working culminated in two nights at the Orpheum in LA where Rupi and the team created an unforgettable show.

Every detail was meticulously thought out and curated. From the set-design, to visuals, to the poetry itself, I was in total awe. There’s nothing quite like seeing your friends shine to their fullest. To see their dreams become reality. It’s magic. It’s life.

This last week has been really personally challenging. But showing up here in LA allowed me to open my heart and mind to possibility and be in community with my pain and the things that require processing. Through Rupi’s poetry, I saw myself again. I was able to reflect on my own life through her art (as millions of others do), and to allow that inspiration to flow into some deeply meaningful conversations with our friends after the show.

Art creates space for us to better process and reflect on our own lives. That’s the power of Rupi’s work, and it’s the power we all have within us as we create.

On this week’s episode I talk about how we can make friends online! That’s how Rakhi and I first got to know each other – through a Twitter DM. I was hungry at the time to be in community with other brown female creatives. That DM allowed a new world to enter my life. I believe the friends we make online can help us in our aspirations. The people we befriend and connect with online can reflect where we want to go and the life we want to have for ourselves. That’s what Rakhi allowed for me.


  • How you can perfect your ‘friendship pitch’ online

  • The importance of continuing to be open for new friendships

  • How to feel the fear and push send anyway

  • I also share more about how these vital friendships unfolded in my life

I also challenge you to reach out to a new potential friend online! I hope you love this week’s episode as much as I did recording it.

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I appreciate all of you so much. Until next week,