This week’s episode is a freestyle episode. When I sat down to record, I ditched my episode outline because I had an itch to jam on the ideas and thoughts floating around in my mind.

The last two months have been filled with so much! So much personal and professional challenge, and so much discomfort and learning how to really believe in myself and what it takes to not abandon myself when things get tough. This episode is a reflection on the lessons I’ve learned from leaning fully into my dreams. Included are some reflections on how to counter a tendency for overwork, how important it is to take big projects one piece at a time (while remembering to zoom out and take in the amount of progress you’ve made on the overall vision), how competence leads to confidence, and how we can better relate to the areas of our life that challenge us most.

This was a fun one for me to record. Don’t forget, episodes are now also available on YouTube as filmed episodes! Make sure to tune in.

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I appreciate all of you so much. Until next week,