This week I received a beautiful message from a listener who shared that this podcast has become her weekly time for peace, calm and reflection. When I read that message, my heart was so full.

At that moment, Jyoti affirmed for me all I had set out to do back in September. To create a space where we can come to feel seen. Seen in our truth, our joy, our exhaustion, our overwhelm, and seen in our hopes and dreams. Our clubhouse, of sorts, to meet, regroup, and move forward with the most-valuable next steps in our lives.

What I’ve come to learn about being a creative, is that we can often attempt to build and create from an empty cup. Or, find our cup empty much sooner than intended. I am learning how to implement my own checks and balances to catch myself before ‘it’s too late’. This week was one of those times. It’s not ‘too late’, but I did wake up on Saturday starting to feel the effects of too long a sprint of work and travel. You see, I underestimate how intense it can be to continuously switch between business/strategy and creative work and recording. This week, it caught up with me.

So how have I chosen to regroup, and re-centre? And is it possible to catch myself on the cusp of an exhaustion spiral, and get back to baseline and feeling good? That’s what this week’s episode of the Lessons Learned podcast is all about: How can we hustle, holistically?

What you’ll learn about in this week’s show – the core aspects of holistic hustle:

  • Why it’s okay to LOVE work! And why we must learn to acknowledge how much work we actually do.

  • Creating habits and systems that will be with you in the good times, and exhausted times.

  • Defining and better understanding HOW you work -- in sprints, as a steady eddy, or full throttle all the time.

  • Learning how to create team buy-in for a healthier work culture, and how to embrace the kind of leader you are and the impact your leadership style can have on your team.

  • Finally, we dive into HOW to listen to your body, and talk-through/work through the next right steps.

So much of this is what I’m living on a daily basis right now. How do I honour my personal promise to myself to not allow physical and emotional stress to compound and make me sick, while also working and ‘hustling’ the way I love to to create exceptional results? It’s through tapping into my personal resilience, and past experiences to help me make a new roadmap for what ‘success’ looks like, and to live it on my own terms with less judgement and shame.

This week that meant not unpacking my suitcase for more than a week. It meant staying in bed a bit later in the mornings. It meant sharing honestly online about my experience with overwhelm, decision fatigue, anxiety and being tired as it was happening. Sharing is my release, and it’s also my way of staying accountable, so thank you for allowing me the space to do so.

Holistic hustle is my reminder of the kind of life I want to live. It’s my daily reminder that I can choose better, and choose healthier on a daily. It’s also my reminder that if I fuck up, that’s okay too.

Now it’s time for some rest.

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One last thing, my question for you this week: what is one thing you can do to curb your overwhelm and to create a bit more space for YOU in your life? Chew on it, and if you’re up for it, reply to let me know.

Until next time,