This week for the show, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Sheena Brady, the founder of Tease Tea and The Founder’s Fund, as the first fireside chat of the Fund’s membership experience.

Over the 1.5 hour interview we talked about my entrepreneurial journey, how I ‘holistically hustle’, creating the perfect pitch, and so much more. We were joined by 30 members, and it was so wonderful to get into the weeds of how tough and rewarding this journey can be with other female-identifying entrepreneurs. Tune in here!

Now, here’s the story of how I invested in the Founder’s Fund.

Early in 2019, Sheena and I got on a Zoom call and met for the first time. She was telling me about how difficult it had been to raise funds for the grant-giving program she wanted to create. Her dream was to be able to fund companies with no strings attached, her experience building Tease Tea with only a credit card at her disposal informed, for her, the importance of giving founders a break at the outset.

As she told me her vision, she wasn’t even pitching me, she was just sharing her journey. What she didn’t know was that after creating Dream, Girl (the documentary film I produced about female founders), it had been a dream for our team to create a fund for companies led by women identifying entrepreneurs. Sheena shared a dream that I held in my heart and was ready to action it, and so, out of the blue I offered to give $5,000 to get her started (she told me she would match up to $5,000 herself). I knew that with $10,000 she could impact a few businesses in a really meaningful way.

Well, Sheena was shocked! That moment is seared in my mind. I love being able to validate for someone that their dream is worthy of investment and worthy of growth through financial means. From there, Sheena was able to secure an additional $30,000 and with her team, they granted five entrepreneurs funds to help them build their companies.

Now, the fund is in year two and launched a membership program to help founders get in the mix. For $225, members get access to world-class training, education, events, and the ability to apply for funding! Half the membership fee goes into the funding pool, and the other half to programming. So far 300 members have signed up, and memberships officially close on Sunday! If you’re interested in applying, make sure you do!

I invested in The Founder’s Fund and am a partner of the company. I saw the potential of this community, and of Sheena and Kim (yes, the same Kim is helping build the Founder’s Fund who is creating the Lessons Learned North America tour), and knew with the right resources and belief, this initiative and company could scale and impact so many people.

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Until next week -- I’ll be finally doing my Michelle Obama interview recap episode! I’m excited to sit down and reflect on that life-changing experience for all of you (and for me)!

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