Happy New Year Fam!

We're baaaaack! Welcome to 2020 fam! It's only been a week, and already this year feels so powerful. Starting out on any new goal or plan is tough, and after the excitement wears off, the fear and doubt can often set in. That's what happened to me these last few days. It's a natural part of the growth process, and a natural part of accomplishing anything audacious -- like a North America talk show tour 😅. But here's the thing, we are ultimately in control of our thoughts and how we respond to them. We are in the driver's seat, and we can choose to focus on the next right step. .

That's what we're talking about this week on the show.

On this week's episode, I share about the fear that can come with any new goal, dream, resolution, or plan, and how you can face that fear and move through it toward action. My holidays were filled with so much great time with my family, but also, days of fear and feeling stuck in my head about all that's ahead. What helped me most when working through those days was journalling and reflecting on what exactly was freaking me out. Then I could plan and act on my next steps. The fear went from a big, all consuming emotional response, to something I could rationalize and work through.

Doing this helped me land in Florida, and walk up to Oprah and make one of the biggest pitches of my life -- tune into this week’s episode to hear more about this moment.

Facing my fears and self-doubt landed me right here on the beach in Florida writing this caption, feeling the warm breeze on my skin. When I was stuck in my fear over the holidays, I thought I didn't deserve to be here. That taking a trip for myself like this was over-indulgent, and not the right use of my time. When I worked through those thoughts and fears, I created space for the truth that was just beneath those words: I needed this trip. This trip would change me. This trip would remind me what I'm capable of, and how powerful I am on my own. This trip would give me the opportunity to share my dreams with my idol, Ms. Oprah Winfrey, and this trip would allow me the space to truly accept what I'm capable of and here on this earth to do.

Tune in to this week's episode below to hear steps you can take to work through your fears and self-doubt, to tackle those limiting beliefs in your mind head on so you can launch into the life, work, habits, and goals your destined for. It's time we get out of our own way -- hands up if you agree! 🙋🏾‍♀️

Until next week,