Hello beautiful humans!

I’ve really enjoyed how cozy we’ve made our home this Holiday season. We’ve had our tree up for just over a week, and Mitch and I hosted our first official Christmas dinner as husband and wife this past weekend with our family. There’s so much joy and gratitude I feel right now, especially when it comes to the environment we’ve created for ourselves. It’s especially helpful right now as I have days where my stress levels, and inner dialogue/critic get the best of me. Creating comfort in my life helps so much during intense work seasons in life.

A concept I read this week from David Goggins has stuck with me. He says we have to 'callus our minds' as we seek to grow and become more and do more. Any area of our life that is raw is going to trigger us, and leave us feeling fearful or vulnerable when we are faced with it or asked to overcome it. It's like soft skin when you first start lifting weights -- you must build calluses to endure, and once they are built up the pain lessens over time.

Mentally, we can build calluses for the things we endeavour to do that scare the shit out of us. For me, that's seeking sponsorship and fundraising for our Lessons Learned North America tour in the Spring.

This concept has allowed me to face my fear differently. To take a breath and remember that this discomfort and challenge is only going to make me even more well rounded and more capable in the future, not to mention facing this fear is going to help me bring one of my biggest dreams to life.

To hear more about this concept and to tune into my Q&A this week (sourced from you wonderful humans). From talking about how to pivot and change directions with confidence in life and in our careers, to how to be okay with the timing of your life, we covered a lot of ground with the questions you asked.

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And for those of you who are interested, tell me, what part of your mind are you callusing? What are you working on that scares you? Head over to Instagram to share your thoughts!

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