Does the way you start your day really matter?

I’ve gone through so many iterations of having a ‘morning routine’, and recently haven’t had one at all. I noticed a difference in the quality of my life, and the quality of my mind between when I had one and when I didn’t, so recently, I decided it’s time to go all in again.

Completing my 100 day movement challenge a few weeks ago (moving 100 days in a row, I ended up working out 100/107 days) was extremely validating for me. Since being sick and rebuilding my life and career, I have struggled with reinforcing habits that matter to me. I have found it quite intimidating to commit to habits that feel too big or hard to implement -- I have a lot more fear now that I did before getting sick.

That being said, completing @100strongandsexy was the motivation I needed to recommit to habits that I have wanted to implement in my life for the last few years. One of those habits has been a solid and meaningful morning routine.

This week on the show I share with you my commitment to another 100 days of movement, alongside a morning routine that sets my days up to feel great and to perform my best. I am working on clearing a path to my most creative self, and this morning routine feels like the right next step!

Also, letting myself plan on our vacation to Mexico last week led me to feeling so rooted and solid in what I want in the year ahead, and helped me clear the mental space I needed to go all in on this new life habit. Tune in to see what I landed on for my new morning routine and to create space for you to reflect on habits you might want to cultivate next for yourself!

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Until next time,