When we landed in Mexico, I thought planning this vacation to was a mistake.

The first day, I felt so much guilt, and my mind was going a mile-a-minute. As I shared last week, there are a lot of dreams developing in my mind, and without fully getting them out, it has been hard to ‘turn off’ and be present.

I realized during our second day that the best way for me to be fully present and enjoy this holiday is to give myself the freedom to be 100% where I am, with no shame or guilt about it. What has come up as ‘what I want to do’, has been to take some time to unload my brain, and organize my thoughts and plans for what’s next.

This week on the show I share my strategies for year planning (and why you don’t need to wait until January to do it). It felt great to share, and we will be sharing a downloadable with you in the coming weeks to help you do the same with me!

Send me a message and let me know: how do you get organized? Are there any tips you’d like to share with me?

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