"So, what are you going to do next?"

I’ve been asked this question a lot since the Michelle Obama interview, and it’s something that gives me anxiety each time I hear it. I was even asked it a couple hours after getting off-stage. All I could think in that moment was, ‘Give me a minute to soak in the fact that this dream actually happened.'

The people asking don’t usually have malicious intent, but it lands hard when we happen to be vulnerable about an achievement we’ve had. And even more vulnerable because perhaps we haven’t had time to think about it, so we don’t really have an answer yet. That was me for the first little while after the event.

Recently I was also asked, "So what are you going to do now? How do you possibly top that?"

Well, it’s time to build the career. One interview doesn’t do that. It’s time to build the company around myself that can thrive and scale so I can keep having impactful conversations that allow us to connect more deeply to one another. As I said in my farewell email from kaur. space:

"I’ve realized that I am meant to help people better understand each other’s humanity through questions and conversations that can transform our hearts and minds."

So, how do I build a brand and company around myself to do this? That’s what this show is going to occasionally give you a peek into.

I was hesitant to lift the curtain and to share the grit, strategy, and anxiety that comes with ‘what I’m going to do next’, but I realized doing so will be really healthy for me as I dive into what is effectively building a new start-up (oh no, not again).

In this week’s episode of Lessons Learned, I share with you my process of starting to find my next right step. I don’t have massive infrastructure around me, I don’t have a manager, agent, or network to support me, but I do have really smart people ready to help me figure it out, and I do have that wild capacity to dream that’s gotten me this far. I also have a few steps that I’ve defined and shared this week to provide a framework for figuring out your next steps with whatever is in your heart or mind to be done.

I hope you gain some useful insights for yourself in this week’s episode, and enjoy this peek behind the curtain of all the goings-on in my brain.

Let’s see if this is the wild idea, and product that will stick, and the one that we can grow and scale together.

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Until next week where I’ll be coming to you from warm and sunny Mexico, see you soon!