I’m turning 30 on Sunday!

I have been acutely aware of this milestone for most of this year. Many of my closest friends have turned 30 over the last many months, and I was lucky enough to host a weekend extravaganza for my bestie, Julie. Planning that weekend, and holding such beautiful space for her allowed me to begin honouring this transition.

For many 30 may have been just another birthday, but for me this time has been a welcome reflection on this last decade of life. All I’ve overcome, celebrated, experienced and learned. My 20s taught me so much. I learned the depths of my resilience, the power of joy and love, and that I truly can bring to life all I dream.

This decade has brought me closer to my self and my own courage and confidence. As I set an intention for this next decade of my life (and the 2020s), I have acceptance, trust, and growth in my heart. I intend to accept my life as it is, and accept the abundance and gifts that others can bring into my life. I intend to trust the process of my life unfolding, and to trust the world around me and to let more of its essence into my soul, and I intend to surrender to my own growth as it happens.

This week on the show, the love of my life (and husband) Mitchel Pennell interviews me. We were both so nervous about this! He knows me so well, and he knows when my facade or ‘talking points’ come out. What unfolded was a very vulnerable, cathartic conversation that I know I’ll be listening to as I get older to remember where I was when I was turning 30, and to remind myself how far I’ve come.

I hope you enjoy it.

As a gift for my birthday I’d love if you would share this email with a friend or two. Forward along, or share via your socials with the beautiful words and graphics below.

I so appreciate you all making space for me in your lives. As I think back on all this last decade has brought me, I am immersed in gratitude, especially for each of you that have landed in my world. The future is so bright, and I can’t wait to take the ride together.

With love,