On Monday, I have the privilege of moderating a dialogue about invisible illness at Chronicon, the largest gathering around chronic illness in the world.

Our first official guest for the Lessons Learned Podcast is Nitika Chopra, the founder of Chronicon and a new, dear friend. I am such a fan of Nitika’s powerful words, stories, and presence online. She has created an incredible life for herself, and has created immense space for others to see themselves more fully as they live with chronic illness.

Our conversation is one that resonated deeply with me as that morning I was suffering from my endometriosis pain. Talk about feeling seen in a conversation!

In the episode we talk about faith, the relationship between social media and our self-worth, and how she programmed a gathering around chronic illness, and why ‘not being prescriptive’ was so important for her. Tune in here!

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Until next week!

Also, I ended up taking down last week’s episode that had audio from my interview with Michelle Obama and will be rerecording as that audio was not meant to be shared publicly!

Stay tuned for this next week!