Tomorrow I am interviewing Michelle Obama.

The road to this happening was a long, beautiful, and winding one. I learned so much about what I can handle, and how to face and walk forward through disappointment and hearing ‘no’ repeatedly. I also learned that persistence and perseverance are two of the most important factors in making our dreams reality.

This week we are celebrating our biggest wins on the episode. I shared the details of how I was given the go ahead to interview Michelle Obama, and the 10-month road of rejection and persistence it took to get here.

In this week’s ‘SLIDE INTO MY DM'S’ segment, I share some of your biggest wins and things you’re proud of. If we share our joy, it becomes contagious, and that is my goal with this winning season in my life.

This win isn’t just for me. It’s for all of us. Whether you’ve been with me for years, or are new to the family. I am up there on behalf of each of you. If we don’t swing big, we won’t see substantial change in the world we live in. And I know we are a team of heavy hitters.

So please, soak in my vibes. Soak in this excitement, joy, and wonder. Take in every ounce of possibility you can from what I was able to make happen with the village of support and love around me. Whatever is in your heart is absolutely doable. Go all in on yourself, be persistent AF, and always remember that if this brown girl from Grande Prairie, Alberta was able to pull off this dream, you can bring yours to life as well.

I love you all! To stay in the loop tomorrow make sure to follow me on Instagram (@komalminhas) and stay tuned in my stories! For anyone attending, use the hashtag #MichellexKomal on your posts and stories so we can all experience it together.

Love you all. We’re in this together fam, let’s get it.