I got really lost this last week. Not literally, but in my brain (as one does).

I sat down to record an episode of the show one night when I couldn’t sleep from being so damn excited about this podcast! It was 1 am, and I decided to do an episode about our definitions of ‘home’. I ended up sharing about my childhood, and my experience growing up in a home with an alcoholic, alongside how my definition of home evolved throughout my life, and when I hit ‘stop’, it hit me. A vulnerability hangover like I haven’t had in years. I listened to the recording alone, and then with Mitch. We talked through why it was too raw for me to share, but then for two days, I felt stuck in the emotions I had brought up.

For two days, I felt so incredibly lost. So anxious. I felt like little me felt all those years ago. In the past I would run from these feelings, do more to shut it down, but I’m building the habit of riding the waves. Going there. Feeling it all out, and seeing where I land.

I also remembered that the best way for me to find my way again, was to slow down, and get back to my basics. For me, that is getting enough sleep, meditating, exercising, and journaling for a few days consistently. Doing so allowed me to sit again, and create this week’s episode about how ‘getting lost is okay’.

This week, we’ve also added a segment that includes you, our beautiful listeners. This segment, ‘SLIDE INTO MY DM'S,’ is an opportunity for you to share your stories related to our weekly themes and topics. Tune in to hear what your fellow listeners had to say about Lessons Learned from ‘getting lost’.

Until next time,