I am actually, finally, doing the thing I’ve always wanted to do.

I have wanted to host my own show, on my own terms, for the last two years. I’ve gone through every excuse, every reason why it wasn’t the ‘right’ time, and I even built other projects and another company instead of going all in on what I knew was meant for me. The thing is, I don’t regret an ounce of my ‘procrastination’. You see what’s meant for us will be there once we are ready. It’s taking the time, and doing the work to become ‘ready’ that is the hardest part. Instead of regretting all the ‘missteps’ I’d rather celebrate the fact that I actually made it here, to this moment, stronger than I’ve ever been.

Throughout my career I’ve dabbled in a variety of mediums. From documentary, to YouTube, to an online magazine, I played in various areas and have landed on what most feels right to me. How do I know it’s right? Because I can’t stop thinking about it. Last night, I couldn’t sleep because my IRL dreams were keeping me up! So I tip-toed to my office in my robe, and plunked down with my microphone and scribbled notes and hit record. Being able to talk to you, intimately, when the inspiration arises, and from the depths of my heart makes me come alive.

This podcast, Lessons Learned, is my ongoing love letter to the world. This podcast is a space and a dialogue that my heart has always wanted to have, and it’s a space through which I hope you’ll learn so much about yourself and those you admire most. I’m starting the series off with solo episodes to get some words out of my heart and soul, and then I’ll be inviting guests to come on and share their journey and lessons learned.

This week we have two episodes for you. In episode one, I set an intention for the series. To allow myself to be seen. In episode two, I reflect on how the ones we admire most in the world are those who consistently create. I share my thoughts (and obsessions) with JLo and Lilly Singh, and share some deeply profound insights that my friend Rupi Kaur shared with me about this show.

I hope you love them. 

If my thoughts resonate for you, I’d love for you to share the show, and rate and subscribe on your platform of choice. I am so deeply pumped for what’s ahead, and can’t wait for us to walk this path together.

Until next time,