Learning To Advocate For Ourselves with Sarah Nicole Landry @thebirdspapaya: Lesson 50



Preparing for this winter stretch + the birth of her new baby [8:30]

Sarah shares that she has been hard at work preparing for the winter in order to be mindful of seasonal affective disorder, and that she has also been preparing for the birth of her new baby since she works for herself and wants to be able to take some time off for maternity leave when the baby comes. 

As this isn’t her first pregnancy, Sarah tells me that she has been reflecting a lot in the past few months about the state of her mind and body this time around, and she has learned to advocate for herself and communicate her needs and boundaries as a result of the pregnancy. She shared with me the beautiful sentiment that when the baby comes, it will be a “birth of two beings” and that she will be birthing a new version of herself too that honours her capacity and advocates for herself.  

What Sarah’s body acceptance journey has been like watching her body change during this pregnancy after already having gone through a beautiful and intense relationship with her body before [14:26]

“It’s all about learning the tools towards seeing your body as an instrument, not an ornament.”  

She shares that there has never been a time where she has 100% loved absolutely everything about her body, but over the years she has come to appreciate and love her body for the work that it does for her and the nourishment it provides her. 

“It’s not that these struggles don’t exist anymore, it’s just that I’ve gotten a lot better at navigating them and respecting my body.” - Sarah Nicole Landy, Episode 50 of the Lessons Learned Podcast

We discuss mentorship and the ways that women can support each other in entrepreneurship… [26:45] 

As someone who was mentored earlier in her career, Sarah shares how important she feels that mentorship is for womxn...

“Mentorship is so important because having conversations and sharing knowledge means that less women get taken advantage of and more step into the spaces they deserve to be in.” - Sarah Nicole Landry

Inspired by Glennon Doyle, I ask Sarah: “What Breaks Her Heart’ and what she feels her larger purpose is.. [37:35]

“It breaks my heart how distracted women are by the things that don’t matter that keep them from doing the things that do, and the more that I see that and recognize that from my experience with impostor syndrome, the more that I see that when the focus is in these places, the less it is on doing the stuff that we are meant to do and have always been capable of doing.

And when you look at the sheer volume of industries that are working not directly to oppress us… but distract us. I would say that my mission is to empower women and help them get their mind off the distractions, and focus on doing what they are meant to do.” 

- Sarah Nicole Landry, Episode 50

Journal Prompts and Art Below!

Inspired by Sarah's beautiful journey learning to advocate for herself, these journal prompts are all about getting in touch with our needs and communicating them to others. Click the button below to download them, along with this week's wallpaper.