How to Stop Doubting Success (+ Free Workshops!)

Have you ever spent months doing ‘quiet work’ to prepare for a new season in life and work? Have you taken the time to implement habits, routines, systems and structures you would need to succeed as you work towards your goals ahead?

What was it like for you as you came out of that quiet work season? What did it feel like to move towards implementation and… success? Did you question it? Did you let yourself celebrate? How did you allow yourself to prepare for worst case scenarios while also making space for the wins ahead?

I’m asking for a friend… 😅

These are questions I’ve been chewing on this last week. As we move towards opening registration for this next cohort of The Next Right Step -- my 7-week coaching and personal development program where I help you create a holistic blueprint for life and work and build your resiliency -- it has felt so surreal to witness our growth behind-the-scenes and to see our strategies working to help us hit our enrolment goals.

This has been a dream many months in the making. I was reading past journal entries from December and I set the intention to also prioritize my wellness more as we worked towards our next launch (launches are very intense). I feel proud to share that I have been prioritizing my well-being while simultaneously growing our business and streamlining processes to scale.

Reading that sentence back is so surreal.

This is what it feels like to have a dream, to create a plan of action for life and work, and to take daily steps forward to achieving that outcome.

This is the feeling I want you to have as well.

I am hosting three free workshops next week to help you make sense of the next right steps in your life and work, and to share tools to help you build your resilience and improve your wellbeing. I hope I’ll see you in class! 

In the meantime, this week, we’re sharing a mini-episode on how to lean into success and to question our winning seasons. And here are some journal prompts for you to dig into to help you move towards celebration in your life for your hard work!

I hope I’ll see you in one of our workshops next week, until then!