Lesson 41: Facing adversity and building self-efficacy


Hello Beautiful People! As I continue to share with you some of my favourite conversations from my IG Live Series #LessonsInResilience, I am extremely excited to share with you a conversation that I had with Monique Bryan a few weeks ago about what it means to build a business while prioritizing your well-being in the process.  In this episode, Monique who is a personal branding coach and cancer survivor shares with us her Lessons Learned from the hardest times in her life and her experience building her business: 

2:11 - Monique shares with us how her cancer diagnosis was the best and worst thing that could have happened to her, as the experience allowed her to gain clarity in multiple areas of her life and she was able to realize how many little things she had taken for granted before. Monique was able to find a new appreciation for everything and inspire others to do the same. 

  • Monique also shares with us how she found her footing after her cancer treatment and survival, and the fire that was lit in her
  • Monique explains how she learned to prioritize her message and what she wanted to say instead of overthinking about how to send out the message 
  • Monique shares how she has learned to “live in the doing”, and chase what she wants fearlessly 

7:36 - Monique shares what wellness looks like for her now, and the wellness practices that she established following her cancer-diagnosis in order to work well and feel well 

  • Monique and I talk about how wellness is a never-ending cycle of ‘figuring it out’, and how we continuously learn throughout our lives the importance of prioritizing both our mental and physical well-being 
  • Monique shares her experience establishing non-negotiable wellness practices such as prioritizing nutrition, movement and reflection.

  • Monique shares with us what fulfills her outside of work, and how she has learned the lesson to create experiences in her life that fulfill her outside of her own work:  “I love my work, but it is not going to be the only thing that fulfills me. I’ve realized that over time.  So experiences keep me fired up.”

12:00 - I ask Monique to share her advice for people trying to build a business and find their footing right now. Monique shares with us: 

  • Why you need to be online right now and prioritize bringing your business online in order to continue growing.

    • The risks that are associated with entrepreneurship, and how you can best equip yourself to face them when they show up. 
    • Monique also shares with us how she remained committed to keep going every day during one of the hardest times in her life by prioritizing mind and body connection.  
    • Monique tells us how her cancer diagnosis taught her to become an advocate for her own health, do her own research and feed her mind and body.

    20:00 - Monique and I discuss the importance of boundaries, and the role that they play in how we decide who we allow into our lives and into our world. 

    • Monique shares her experience becoming vocal about her boundaries and how they became a non-negotiable aspect of her life.
    • Monique also shares how she has learned to face self-doubt over the past few years and how she has learned to hold onto her bigger purpose

    26:00 - Monique and I talk about what it means to “live what we are teaching”, and how she has learned to align her business with her values and make it more efficient by being conscious about who she works with. She also shares: 

    • How being a business owner can help you build your self-efficacy and become more confident in yourself and your ability to face adversity as time goes by
    • How doing energy check-ins with people she wants to work with has allowed her to become energetically aligned with her business. 
    • Finally, Monique shares what is coming up for her and her business in the near future, and how we can all best support her 

    “Be willing to ask for help, know what your strengths and your weaknesses are. Double down on your strengths, forget about your weaknesses, and outsource that bad boy.” - Monique Bryan, Episode 40 of the Lessons Learned Podcast 

    I hope that this conversation inspires you to prioritize your own wellness and mind-body connection. When we give to ourselves and show up to work every day feeling grounded and well, our ability to create impact exponentially grows. Until next time! 

    - Komal