this is our legacy. i am figuring out how to help.

I visited India for the first time in my adult life in 2014 when I was 24. It changed my life. I have never felt so connected to a place and to a home. My family lived in our village of Paldi for over 100 years... that blew me away. Being a first generation Canadian, my 'history' went back only forty years to when my father came to Canada. Being in India helped me feel centred and so supported.

It was a true gift.

The S.A.S Khalsa School in Paldi was established by my great, great grandfather and has educated thousands of boys and girls through the years. 

On my visit I noticed that the girls' facilities were lacking, as was the confidence in the teaching staff. I don't yet know how I want to help, but the first thing I did was build them this website to get their work to the world and to assist in their fundraising efforts.

Stay tuned for more in the coming months!