Mitch and I have been together almost seven years. He's my rock, the love of my life, and a big reason as to why I've been able to accomplish so much. His unwavering support is awe inspiring, and his commitment to happiness in unwavering. 

We enjoy sharing our lives, and our relationship with others and love to bring a smile to the faces of those we love and strangers we meet along the way.

We weren't always able to be so open about our relationship, it took some time for my parents to come on board with us being together. Here's a glimpse of our story, an article I wrote last year.

I am ramping up for a year in NYC and our first stint at long distance in a while, so we are planning to launch a series called Mornings with Koko & Jolly to have a fun way of staying in the loop on our daily happenings, and to have some fun with all of you.

Stay tuned for more!